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For Hedge Funds

Hedge fund managers have the same exacting technology demands as the big investment banks. You need reliability and fast response times for a wide range of technologies, but because you operate on a smaller scale, it's hard to justify a full-scale in-house IT department.


A. R. Partners can operate as your 'virtual IT team' by providing a full range of skill-sets and technology services designed to meet the specific needs of hedge funds. This means you get exactly the level of support you need as you need it, drawing from a wide pool of specialists. When you need a desktop support technician, a telecoms PABX engineer or a network firewall specialist, we provide access to all these skills without the associated demands of managing internal headcount.


Project Planning & Design Services
  • Project management throughout entire start-up process

  • Electrical and cable requirements planning

  • Computer room efficiency planning - designed to accommodate

  • maximal growth with minimal square metre use

Providing a Complete Suite of IT Solutions
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